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What is the Fast ForWord Family of products?

Fast ForWord Language-Elementary Students
Fast ForWord Literacy- Middle and High School Students

          These language and literacy products build foundational reading and language skills that develop listening accuracy, memory skills, attention, auditory and language based processing, improved sound awareness and discrimination so students can become successful learners.

Fast ForWord Language to Reading-Elementary Students
Fast ForWord Literacy Advanced – Middle and High School Students

         These exercises build on the foundation established in the initial series by focusing on more advanced exercises so that students can establish the link from spoken words to reading.

Fast ForWord Reading Series

          The Reading Series (1-5) builds critical reading skills by increasing processing efficiency  reading comprehension, phonics decoding, spelling, and grammar.

How does Fast ForWord Work?

The Fast ForWord family of products uses patented technologies that the brain uses to adapt, change and learn. The series of exercises are intensive and adaptive, which has resulted in documented physical brain changes.

Why does Fast ForWord work?

Fast ForWord is efficient, effective and enduring.
Efficient - Your child’s processing skills can become more efficient, resulting in advances in language skills that are the foundation for reading.

Effective – Independent research has repeatedly shown that when the recommended protocols are followed, FFWD products dramatically improve brain processing efficiency and reading skills.

Enduring – Longitudinal studies document long term gains in language and reading skills.

Is my child a candidate?

Does your child

  • Misunderstand what you say?
  • Give slow or delayed responses?
  • Get confused in noisy situations?
  • Have an attention problem
  • Have difficulty with reading or learning to read?
  • Struggle with homework?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your child may be a candidate for Fast ForWord.

How do I get my child started?

Call Pearl Speech Associates to discuss your concerns and see if Fast ForWord is right for your child. Together, we will develop a treatment protocol to meet your child’s needs.

What is Fast ForWord   ?

Fast ForWord is a computerized family of products designed to remediate the underlying difficulties that keep struggling students from making academic progress.  This intervention develops and strengthens critical skills needed for academic success for students from elementary school to high school.  Skills addressed are memory and sequencing skills, attention, auditory processing, processing speed, and language skills.  Fast ForWord aims to remediate underlying language and auditory processing difficulties that keep struggling readers and English language learners from acquiring the reading skills needed for academic success. These researched based products use the principles of neuroplasticity to dramatically improve brain processing efficiency and reading skills.