Presentations offered to teachers and parent groups are well received. Sharon's down to earth style of presentation gives participants information that is extremely applicable to their children. Workshop descriptions are available by contacting Sharon.

Listening  Systems

I am a Fast ForWord provider, a unique computer based software that changes the way the brain processes auditory information. 

The Listening Program, also an auditorially based program, assists auditory processing via musical intervention.  Both play an important role in my practice for aiding children with auditory processing weaknesses. 

Areas of Expertise

I have extensive experience effectively treating 
students diagnosed with a wide variety of 
disorders that include:

  • Language Impairments

           - Receptive and Expressive language

           - Phonological awareness skills

  • Auditory processing

  • Articulation (speech) disorders

           - Childhood apraxia of speech
           - Tongue thrust/ myofunctional disorders

  • Fluency disorders

           - Stuttering and cluttering

  • Executive function deficits

  • Social skills deficits

  • Voice disorders