"Our mutual student has made wonderful progress this year.  It was so important to me to have information that you were able to provide by coming into the classroom. Sharing ways to help our mutual student was invaluable to me in order to incorporate what she needed into the classroom setting."
Arlene Walker, Preschool Teacher

“When Sharon started working with our daughter, very few people were able to understand her speech.  Sharon helped her achieve a level of speech that surprised her Kindergarten teachers when we told them she attended speech class since they claim she is one of the easier students to understand.  She loved attending her lessons with Sharon and looked forward to meeting with her every week.  In conjunction with teaching proper pronunciation, Sharon helped our daughter learn to read ahead of her peers, too!  We feel that her entire Kindergarten experience was enhanced due to the time she spent with Sharon.”
Nicholas Gaudio

"At age 7, our daughter, Britney was struggling in school. She experienced problems with her short term memory, recall, interpretation, thought processing and problem solving. When we had her tested, she was officially diagnosed with a severe auditory processing disorder.  We engaged Sharon Pearl to help us. Sharon recommended Fast ForWord for Britney, which she said would strengthen the part of her brain that contributed to these challenges. This program, coupled with Sharon Pearl's  respectful, challenging of the status quo, has taken Britney to the "next level of performance" in both school and life. Britney is now nine years old and is much more confident, functional and independent in her abilities.  We are so grateful!"
Rand & Sheri Greenblatt

"We are so thankful for the work that Sharon has been doing with our daughter, Reagan. She has made 'speech class' fun and a time that Reagan looks forward to attending.  Sharon makes a heartfelt effort to make Reagan feel good about herself. Sharon has also given us many useful learning strategies that we have found most useful at home.  The strides that Reagan has made are very noticeable and we are confident her speech will be fully corrected shortly.  I highly recommend Sharon Pearl to anyone with a speech issue that needs correcting."
Jennifer Leonard

"Working with Sharon Pearl has been a wonderful experience.  My son has made significant progress since working with Sharon.  The one-on-one approach has helped him tremendously.  Sharon's patience, humor and speech therapy techniques have vastly contributed to his speech improvement and confidence. We would highly recommend Sharon Pearl to anyone looking for an experienced and professional speech therapist!"
Justine Cookson 

"My daughter's speech has improved tremendously with the help of Sharon Pearl. She had problems pronouncing the 'r' sound, especially when it was preceded by a vowel.  She spent all of first and second grade in speech therapy provided by her public school.  She practiced and worked hard with school therapists (and at home) but just didn't know and wasn't shown the mechanics of how to say the 'r' sound.
My daughter began private speech sessions with Sharon Pearl the summer after second grade (2015).  Sharon recognized that my daughter's tongue is rooted in the bottom of her mouth.  Thus, Sharon provided instructions to help strengthen the ability to hold the tongue in the roof of her mouth.  She specifically provided details on where to place the tongue to properly pronounce sounds and words.  Exercises were prescribed for home practice to reinforce these positions. Auditory awareness was also addressed.  

In two months with Sharon, my daughter made ten times more progress than she made in two years at school.  I wish we had brought her to Sharon sooner!  Sharon has a wonderful demeanor and enthusiasm when working with my daughter, as well.  We couldn't be happier!"  Stephanie Davidson Kist  

"After being classified as nonverbal, my daughter started working with Sharon Pearl. Over the past few years, we have utilized the summer months to make even greater progress in speech therapy. This progress has reinforced the work done through the school year, both academically and in speech therapy. The more relaxed pace of summer is the perfect opportunity to try new ways of learning and growing!"  Marie C., mother of Elise

"Continuing speech therapy with Sharon Pearl throughout the summer season has been invaluable to us. When speech and language therapy is the primary focus during the summer, Patrick is so much more relaxed, and in turn we see more progress in a shorter time period!  Cathy L., parent of Patrick 

“Will came to you with a few utterances and now he is engaging in full conversations! We are so grateful to you for all you have accomplished and for all your hard work and dedication.”  Marnie and Bill Johnson

“No gift could ever come close to the gift  we have been blessed with, in coming to you for Patrick.  Your skill and teaching have helped Patrick more than anyone ever could. Your advice to me is so valued; Patrick is not the only one getting lessons from you, I am too.”  The Lacey Family“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to Ricky!  You added to his confidence and that is priceless! Thank you!”  Carissa  DiLauro

"I  think of you often, particularly when watching Ben read out loud and hearing / seeing his perfect “s” sounds.  You’ve done so much for him and for that I’ll always be grateful." Jessica D.